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TTI is a world-class leader in design, manufacturing and marketing of Power Tools, Outdoor Power Equipment, and Floor Care and Appliances for consumers, professional and industrial users in the home improvement, repair and construction industries. Our unrelenting strategic focus on Powerful Brands, Innovative Products, Operational Excellence and Exceptional People drives our culture.



TTI was founded by Mr Horst Julius Pudwill and Prof Roy Chi Ping Chung BBS JP in 1985, yet the history of TTI's unique and growing portfolio of world-famous brands stretches back at least one hundred and fifty years. Sales in 2017 increased by 10.6% to $6 billion due to our continued investment in new product and innovation delivering double digit growth across all geographical regions. 
Through a clear and consistent strategy of acquiring and developing established brands, TTI has grown to become a clear market leader in home improvement power tools worldwide.
TTI is proud of its own history, and proud, too, of the huge legacy of tradition and excellence that we have inherited from the brands that today make up our group.

Guiding Principles

TTI has a mature and clearly defined operating philosophy and corporate culture that create the essential platform for quality leadership.

These principles and beliefs represent an organization's cultural infrastructure and determine its ability to deliver consistently on its goals. Our success is tied to communicating a clear direction throughout the organisation.
At TTI, our unique business style combines strategic vision, innovative thinking and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Ours is an organic and dynamic culture structured to attract the best, and to achieve the best.

Our Mission

Commitment to innovation, continuous improvement of our products and services to exceed customers' expectation and to be the world's leading supplier of consumer, professional and industrial products marketed to the home improvement, repair and construction industries.

Quality Statement

To provide total customer satisfaction in terms of Quality, Delivery and Cost through continuous improvement.

Our Values

TTI actively promotes a strong corporate culture of respect and ethical integrity.

We believe these values, together with the principles of respect, honesty and learning, should pervade every interaction with colleagues, partners, customers, suppliers and the overall environment in which we conduct our business.

  • We treat each other with integrity.
  • We strive for teamwork with our colleagues and partners worldwide.
  • We strive for continuous improvement and speed in execution.
  • We are dedicated to our business goals and objectives.
  • We lead by example.
  • We take initiative to prevent problems before they occur and learn not from our mistakes but improvements to our processes.
  • We are committed to positive working ethics.


Our Approach

At TTI, customers come first. We have developed four strategic drivers that target our goal of exceeding the needs of consumers and professionals that depend on our products. Our extensive worldwide customer interactions drive the innovative, reliable products that will enable our customers to capture opportunities and maximize performance.

Powerful Brands

TTI's trusted powerful brands stand for innovation, outstanding quality and user desirability.

TTI strategically invests in its leading brands, focussing their core values in order to build trusted customer loyalty, maintain margins, and optimize retail placement.
TTI is totally committed to its growing portfolio of Powerful Brands, which are our core equities.  Brand loyalty is a cornerstone for sustainable growth and increased profitability. We highly regard and respect our brands and all of the end-users who invest their confidence in them.  Our exceptional brands are the foundation for current and future growth and serve as the compass for all of our activities.

Innovative Products

Inspiration, Insight and Dedication: the TTI Spirit of Innovation.

TTI is a new product machine! We have a global network of "Innovation Centres" teeming with talented engineers and product managers who are focused on new product development. Innovation is the key to expanding market size and growing market share. We, fuel our brands with a continuous stream of innovative, value-added, demonstrably better new products. We believe in continually challenging accepted standards. Finding new solutions. Exploiting, adapting and improving new technologies to create better products for higher-value brands.

Exceptional People

The foundation of an organization is its people. At TTI, we invest heavily in developing current and future leaders through aggressive recruitment, training and recognition programs. Strong, effective leadership keeps our company strategically focused on facing the often unpredictable market forces.
Team TTI begins with dedicated and well trained employees meeting with consumers and professional users on a daily basis. We visit retail locations to interact with the customer as they are in the decision making process to assist them with product knowledge and demonstrations, plus ideas for solving their projects efficiently. This, of course, is the ideal time to ask questions about performance, what they like, what they don't like and, most important, what they would like to see in new products or features.
This type of interaction and input is invaluable since the customer will often describe what they want to do which provides the inspiration our Team TTI uses to create an innovative solution for that desire. This is what helps us win in the market. We are very good listeners. And with over 400 Team TTI staff, we do a lot of listening providing one-to-one customer contact in all global markets. We are learning and sharing to make our customer's lives better.

Operational Excellence

Execution is the other side of the innovation coin. Without it, ideas remain ideas. At TTI, we are passionate about being the very best in every aspect of our operation. We closely examine every detail from design engineering to supply chain logistics in order to eliminate waste and improve productivity. Our operational teams have driven scalability utilizing our resources at a global level.
Our standing goal of Operational Excellence is a never ending process. The opportunities for improving efficiencies and achieving higher standards are available throughout the organization. This is why we invest in processes that help identify even the smallest advancement, whether it is in manufacturing or billing procedures, because a thousand small steps lead to significant companywide improvement.
We are proud of the achievements we have made in scalability, technology breakthroughs, talent growth and worldwide procedures that have helped to eliminate waste while improving speed-to-market innovations. Our focus on raising the bar on our operational performance will never stop.

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