Application Hints and Tips

Read on to find out how to be successful in your application to join our European Graduate Leadership Programme ...




LANGUAGE - English is the business language within TTI, therefore please ensure your CV is submitted in English.

ESSENTIAL CRITERIA - Check you answer yes to all the questions regarding our essential criteria; you'll need to meet all of these to progress to the next stage.

SPECIFIC - Make sure your application stands out by describing your key strengths and how these directly relate to TTI and our Graduate Programme.

ACCURACY - Double check your application and CV to ensure there are no spelling or grammar mistakes.

IMPRESSION - Take your time with your application and CV to make sure it is well prepared and presented. 



FORMAT - For most countries your first interview will either be by telephone or Skype, but either way the main principles are the same.

FOCUS - Ensure you are somewhere quiet where you won't be interrupted for the duration of the interview.

PREPARE - Make sure you are ready with anything you may want during the interview e.g. notes, a pen and paper or a glass of water.

EXAMPLES - We'll ask you questions about your previous experiences, so prepare beforehand by thinking about a range of scenarios where you have demonstrated different skills.

VARIETY - Make sure your answers are varied; try to use examples from work experience, studying and extracurricular activities to give us a broader picture of yourself.

STAR - Be clear and specific in your answers. Try using the STAR technique - Situation, Task, Action, Result.



RESEARCH - There isn't any specific preparation you need to do in advance, but it is always beneficial to have researched TTI and the brand you are applying to work for.

RELAX - Be yourself. Our assessment centres last two days, so it will be much easier and more enjoyable if you act naturally and try to enjoy and learn from the experience as well.

VARIETY - There are lots of different activities throughout the assessment centre, so don't worry if you do badly on one activity. Picking yourself up and doing your best on the next task will show us you have the determination to carry on even when things get difficult.

INTERACT - Our assessment centre isn't designed to trip you up. There will be tasks you will find challenging but there are also opportunities to interact with our staff informally and get to know current graduates on the programme.

PLAN - It is a busy and exhausting couple of days, so ensure your trip to the assessment centre is well planned and you get a good night's sleep beforehand so you are ready to show us your best.