Current Graduates


Andrew dobinson

Name: Andrew Dobinson

Degree: BA (Honours) Business Management and Entrepreneurship
University: Nottingham Trent University
Role: Marketing Assistant EMEA
Joined: September 2016
Location: UK - EHQ


After graduating in June 2016 from Nottingham Trent University with a degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurship, I quickly found that I was in the same boat as many other graduates, trying to find the best graduate position after graduation. After doing a lot of research, I came across the TTI European Graduate Leadership Programme and saw the emphasis TTI put on their graduates, offering endless opportunities and early responsibility in a fast paced environment. I knew this was an organisation I definitely wanted to be a part of.

I joined the programme back in September 2016 as a Marketing Assistant for Milwaukee, working in the EMEA Brand Team. From day one I was given real responsibility, especially since on my second day I was asked to fly out to the Lausitzring to assist the Milwaukee team in Germany for the World Superbikes. As part of my role I am involved in a lot of aspects of marketing, such as photo and video shoots for products launches, catalogue creation and merchandising, as well as travelling across Europe to help with exhibitions and conferences.

TTI also has a huge emphasis on your personal development and a strong team ethic. I have the opportunity to be involved in a number of projects with various colleagues across the business, and if there is something you want to be a part of, they will support you every step of the way. TTI invest a lot in their graduates from various product, sales, presentation and negotiation skills trainings, to seeking opportunities for you to develop your skills and experiences to help you progress.

The best thing about my job is that no day is the same and I can’t wait to see what the future may bring!


Henrik Lynggaard Nielsen

Name: Henrik Lynggaard Nielsen

Degree: Graduate Diploma in Business Administration
University: Aarhus BSS/Aarhus University, Denmark
Role: Job Site Account Manager, Milwaukee
Joined: October 2014
Location: Denmark, Nordic Division


After I graduated my Diploma in Business Administration, I was looking for a company who could challenge my status quo, and give me the opportunity to start a career with international perspectives. Furthermore, the Graduate Program was appealing since I am motivated by a challenging workday with diverse assignments that allows me to practice and further develop my strong organizational and sales skills within strategy, communication and my ability to build relationships with customers and colleagues.

I did not have any experience from the powertools business or understanding for powertools in general before I joined the graduate program and it has never been an issue and my learning curve has been steep from the beginning.

I was challenged from the very first day I joined TTI, in both training sessions in Germany and England and our yearly conference where I was doing product presentation for over 2500 customers and end-users.

I also quickly got a lot of responsibility, for example having my own accounts where I am in charge of both sales activities and product training.

In my daily work I work with both trade dealers and consulting the trader’s sales staff on the jobsite in the perspective to find the best solutions to the end-users when it comes to cordless powertools.

The graduate program has really fulfilled my ambition of finding a company that are able to put me in situations where I constantly develop myself both professionally and personally.
TTI is also a company where it’s only your own ambitions that create the limit of your future career.



Name: Scott McGuire

Degree: International Business with Business Law
University: Glasgow Caledonian University/ Ryerson University Toronto
Role: Field Marketing Executive
Joined: February 2016
Location: Scotland

I’m Scott McGuire and I am proud to be in the FME team for the fastest growing power tool brand in the world! I started at TTI after being recruited as part of the European Graduate Leadership programme. Upon starting, I was given in-depth product training in London and Germany as well as hands on tool training at our outstanding training centre.

No two days are ever the same working at TTI. My current role provides me with a diverse range of opportunities from presenting key national promotions in front of some of the UK’s most recognisable wholesalers to working with our internal marketing team, to assisting in organising Milwaukee’s presence at the World Superbikes and other events.

I have developed a key set of transferrable skills that I don’t believe I would have had exposure to outside of TTI; presentation skills, commercial awareness and the opportunity to travel have been some of the most rewarding.

Not every day is easy – however, every day is rewarding.  I look forward to working with you in the future and apply now!



Name: Richard James

Degree: BA (Hons) Business and Marketing Management
University: York St. John University
Role: Field Marketing Executive
Joined: September 2016
Location: Greater London

I graduated from University in 2016 with a passion for marketing and came across the Graduate Programme with TTI and subsequently secured a place at their assessment centre. TTI interested me from the beginning with their vast range of successful brands and a vibe from current graduates that showed they were passionate about the brands they were delivering. The graduate programme has allowed me to kick start my career in an innovative industry earning me valuable experience and accelerating my personal development. I have been supplied with product, negotiation, presentation skills and sales training which has further enhanced my knowledge.

My role as a Field Marketing Executive has great variety as I cover the Ryobi, AEG, Empire, Hart, Kango and Precise Fit brands on a day to day basis. My role entails the training of retail staff, merchandising and growing sales of a new large retailer in my area. Being in the field means I have experience both with products and the end-user which gives great diversity.

From my time at TTI I have learnt plenty about the industry which allows me to apply my degree and personality to a real life business. The role of a Field Marketing Executive is personally rewarding as I get to be the face of the brand in my area, interact with consumers and physically see the improvements and growth I am making for the brand when analysing sales and week on week growth in my stores.

Overall, TTI is a brilliant company to work for. I could not be happier in the role and am excited for what my future at TTI holds.



Name: Brandon Farrow
Degree: BA (Honors) Marketing and Management
University: Newcastle University
Role: Field Marketing Executive
Joined: January 2015

I graduated from Newcastle University in 2013 with a degree in Business Management and Marketing and completed my P.G.C.E the following year. Another year went by figuring out that primary school teaching was not for me, and I found the change that I was looking for with the TTI Graduate Programme!

I am now working with the consumer power tool brand Ryobi, as a Field Marketing Executive in the UK. TTI has invested in my development a great deal; so far I have received numerous product training days, a set of sales skills training courses and presentation skills training. Ryobi is a great brand that I am committed to and feel passionate about when talking to customers. The highlight of my time with TTI so far was working as a key presenter at the 2015 Ryobi conference in Paris. I was trusted to deliver thirty two presentations to hundreds of members of the press and key accounts, within three months of joining the company!

If you are ambitious, have a passion for travelling and are looking to use your own initiative, then I would definitely encourage you to join TTI.




Name: Henry Heaton

Degree: BA (Honors) Business Management
University: Manchester University
Role: Field Marketing Executive Supervisor
Joined: October 2014
Location: UK - EHQ

In October 2014 I joined the TTI Graduate Leadership Programme and have since been working with the industry leading industrial powertool brand Milwaukee. My first year with Milwaukee put a real emphasis on my development within the industry working as Field Marketing Executive. It took me all over the UK in a wide variety of capacities whether that was representing the brand and presenting at large tool events, managing my own area of accounts or working at our commercial sponsorship events such as the British Superbikes. After 18 months I have now progressed within the company to the Field Marketing Executive Supervisor where I have a leadership role within the FME team.

As I have progressed within the company the FME Team has also developed and each FME has a crucial role to play within the company, each with the opportunity to make a real impact. The team is constantly developing and is at the forefront of Milwaukee representation at events and also to our core customer base. I am proud to work with a likeminded and determined team and working closely at events is also fantastic fun. I’m looking forward to the new opportunities for the FME team and myself that are around the corner.